My journey to health, happiness and beyond

Hello and welcome to Weight Loss Wars. Having struggled with trying to lose weight for seventeen years, could I have found the secret to successful weight loss? My secret to successful weight loss is simple; you have to know what you want. Knowing what you want out of life is truly important, it fuels your desires, and when you truly desire something, you will never give up on it. No one can stop a made up mind.

About The Book

Weight Loss Wars is an inspirational story about Gertrude Nyirenda’s Journey through her battle with weight loss. It was written after an extensive research and study of various diets and exercise programmes.

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About The Author

Gertrude Nyirenda’s primary goal is to empower individuals to discover their dreams, helping them maximise their potential and live a more fulfilled life. She has a particular interest in motivational speaking as she connects

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